Composite collection

Composite is a natural cement mortar, kneaded and worked exclusively by hand, to satisfy the needs of modern architecture. There are two finishes that bring out the best in each floor environment, with personality and classic contemporary style.

The Composite Line is particularly suitable for: floors, thresholds, scales, kitchen tops, bathrooms and panelling.

On request it is possible to realize special tailored pieces of grand dimensions.

Available colours: White, Brown, Grey, Brick Red - Finishes: Smooth, Groovy


Classic Modules Size (cm) Thickness (mm) Price
Square 25x25 14 -
Square 30x30 14 -
Square 40x40 14 -
Rectangular 25x50 18 -
Rectangular 30x40 18 -
Rectangular 30x60 18 -
Large Sizes 60x60 30 -
Large Sizes 80x80 30 -
Large Sizes 40x80 30 -
Large Sizes 25x100 30 -
Large Sizes 60x90 30 -
Large Sizes 20x180 30 -
Large Sizes 15x40 30 -
Stairs Customised Customised -
Profile Grade Torello Semplice Simple Torello -
Profile Grade Torello Classico Classic Torello -
Skirting 8x30 14 -
Contoured skirting 11x27 14 -
Large Sizes 60x90 30 -
Plans Customised Customised -
Top with holes Customised Customised -
Wash basin Customised Customised -
Shower Tray Customised Customised -

It is possible to produce custom sizes and decors on request.

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