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Composite collection

Collection made with a mixture of fibre-reinforced concrete, marble dust and water. Each element is made entirely by hand, cast on a formwork, previously assembled by hand and aged with clay.

The result is a unique product that is completely in line with the style of terracotta.

We offer it for the monolithic coating of custom-made internal stairs and interior floors.


Classic Modules Size (cm) Thickness (mm) Price
Square 25x25 14 -
Square 30x30 14 -
Square 40x40 14 -
Rectangular 25x50 18 -
Rectangular 30x40 18 -
Rectangular 30x60 18 -
Large Sizes 60x60 30 -
Large Sizes 80x80 30 -
Large Sizes 40x80 30 -
Large Sizes 25x100 30 -
Large Sizes 60x90 30 -
Large Sizes 20x180 30 -
Large Sizes 15x40 30 -
Stairs Customised Customised -
Profile Grade Torello Semplice Simple Torello -
Profile Grade Torello Classico Classic Torello -
Skirting 8x30 14 -
Contoured skirting 11x27 14 -
Large Sizes 60x90 30 -
Plans Customised Customised -
Top with holes Customised Customised -
Wash basin Customised Customised -
Shower Tray Customised Customised -

It is possible to produce custom sizes and decors on request.

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