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Hand decorated bricks

Decoro n 8 - The hand-decorated glazed terracotta has an evocative power and a seductive figurative interweaving that embellishes the kitchens, bathrooms and floors of old and new farmhouses, cottages, hotels, bed and breakfasts and historic homes with a sixteenth-century style. We propose the most classic designs, without excluding any customisation requests made by those who want to create a new and unique motif that's never been seen before.

Collection made with bricks manufactured exclusively by hand, one by one, on wooden moulds according to ancient tradition, at our factory in Castel Viscardo in Italy, through the mixture of locally sourced organic clays and recovered rainwater.

It is possible to create, at the customer's request, custom and low-thickness formats.

The availale colours are the same as the Enameled Cotto Collection - Reflections Line, to match the white background.

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